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Watch Instructions

Setting The Time

1. Pull the crown out to position I (II on date model).
2. Turn the crown clockwise or anti-clockwise to set hour and minute hands.
3. When the crown is pushed back to the operating position (O), second hand begins to run.

Setting the date

1. Pull the crown out to position I.
2. While in position I the watch will continue to tick. Turn the crown anticlockwise until the correct date is displayed. 

3. When the date is set, push the crown back to the operating position (O). 

The date should be set before 12 noon so that the calendar indicator changes in sync at 12 midnight and not 12 noon.

Stainless Steel Strap Adjustment

1. Release Clip
Using a small at head screwdriver, lift up the metal clip on the watch clasp.

2. Position Clasp
Slide the clasp to the desired position on the watch strap.

3. Secure Clip
Press down on the clip with the head of the screwdriver to secure it into place.

Changing the Battery

It is recommended to take your watch to a repair shop to change the battery.

Watch Care and Precautions

This watch contains precision components.
To ensure the best life for your Kartel, please follow the simple guidelines for watch care:

1.    Avoid leaving your watch in any extremes for long periods of time; direct sunlight, extremely warm or cold environments:

  • Extreme heat will cause malfunctions and shorten the battery life.
  • Extreme cold will cause the watch to gain or lose time. 

2.    Avoid extreme shock or impact. Your watch is designed to withstand impact under normal use. 

3.    Do not submerge your watch in water or shower. 

4.    Should water or condensation appear in the watchface, have the watch checked immediately. Water can corrode parts inside the case. 

5.    Keep your watch clean. Clean your watch with a soft cloth and water only. 

Genuine Leather Straps

Due to the variety of our premium leathers, there may occasionally be natural blemishes which can usually be removed with your finger or a soft brush.

Water Resistance

Kartel watches are designed with an emphasis on style, although our watches are ‘splashproof’ we recommend keeping it away from any contact with water.

Worldwide Warranty

Thanks for choosing a Kartel watch. This watch has a 2 year worldwide warranty from the date of purchase for all constructing defects. We are not responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate use. From the warranty are excluded: glass, strap & battery. The development of a malfunction does not imply the extension of the 2 year warranty period.

If a malfunction occurs, simply email our customer service team: with all your contact information, brief description of the fault and proof that the watch was purchased within the last 2 years.